Hosting Simplified

Security, reliability, and simplicity are the key tenets of the Dark Hive Hosting practice. Our cloud based hosting partner is LiquidWeb and our pricing model allows us to offer hosting rates lower that LiquidWeb direct.

LiquidWeb has over 20 years of web hosting experience. They service over 32,000 customers globally in over 130 countries and manage over 500,000 websites. They also boast the Industry’s highest rating for customer loyalty.

Managed Hosting Pricing Options

Simple hosting optimized for popular apps. We’ll manage everything so you don’t have to.

Managed WordPress Hosting

From $49/mo

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

From $219/mo

Premium Business Email Hosting

From $1/mo

What You Get With Managed Hosting

Fully Managed Hosting

Dark Hive Hosting


AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode

Helpful Humans Whenever You Need Us

Help Picking the Perfect Hosting Plan

Help Migrating Your Site, Store, or Application

Proactive Management of Your Hosting (Network, Security, Availability)

Keeping Your Server & OS Updated to Ensure it’s Secure.

Full Management of Complex Hosting Environments

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